Hester provides sessions for parents who specifically wish to focus on their children's needs. These sessions enable parents to have more in depth discussions around particular difficulties they may be facing whether that is with behavioural issues, supporting their child with friendship issues or knowing how to successfully navigate their way through the teenage years.


During these sessions Hester works directly with the parent(s) facilitating the learning of specific skills to help them support their child through various situations and get back to a place where the whole family can be happy.


Sessions last 55 minutes

Parenting Sessions

Hester sees people at her home in Littlewick Green. She provides one-to-one sessions for adults who feel the need for personal change. These sessions focus on dealing with limiting beliefs, conflicts or concerns that may be restricting a person's choices and enjoyment in life. These sessions focus on replacing existing unhelpful behaviours with positive and constructive behaviours that enable individuals to work towards their life goals in a more empowered way.


Hester sees clients who would like support with managing:


  • Relationships

  • Anxiety or stress

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Abuse

  • Anger or other emotions

  • Life transitions

  • Bereavement and loss



Individual Sessions

 Therapeutic Support 

Sessions for Couples

Hester supports couples who are facing difficulties in their relationship, providing a structured and safe environnment in which they can discuss (and work through) their difficulties or frustrations. Focus during these sessions is on allowing each person to become more self aware (understanding their own needs and actions) and also on allowing each person to gain a deeper understanding of their partner's beliefs and needs. These sessoins can enable couples to move forward together in a mutually supportive and positive way.


Sessions last 55 minutes

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Hester always suggests booking an initial session in order to see whether the client and therapist are the right 'fit'. In that session, Hester will discuss with the client what type of support she would recommend going forward.


Sessions last 55 minutes

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