Children and Teenagers

One-to-one support

Hester offers one-to-one coaching and therapy for children who could do with some extra support or who have specific issues that need addressing. These sessions are often (although not always) journal based and are completely tailored to the specific interests and preferences of the child. Whilst some children with a very specific need can benefit from a one off session, the majority of children benefit from around 6 sessions which take place approximately once a fortnight. This allows a therapeutic relationship to become established so that different topics and issues can be explored. The focus is on providing the child with a greater understanding of themselves and their strengths whilst giving them different tools to deal with situations that they may, previously, have found difficult. These issues may include the following issues:



  • Friendship issues and/or bullying

  • Low self-esteem

  • Anxiety and/or depression

  • Coping with loss (through death or divorce)

  • Understanding and managing emotions


The initial session takes place with the child and one (or both) parent(s). During this session both the child and the parent(s) are involved in discussing the relevant background information, the areas where the child would like support and what they would most like to achieve from the sessions. After this session, Hester works one to one with the child concerned.


Sessions last 50 minutes

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Adolescence is a transitional phase of physical and psychological development; it is also a time of huge pressure and uncertainty. Teenage cognitive development tends to result in greater self-awareness, greater awareness of others (including their thoughts and judgments) as well as an increased ability to think about abstract, future possibilities.


Hester works directly with teenagers who wish to have support in dealing to with anything they may be finding difficult. These may include the following issues:


  • Friendships issues and/or bullying issues

  • Low self-esteem and/or feelings of self consciousness

  • Anxiety and/or depression

  • Coping with loss (through death or divorce)

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of self

Children 7 - 12 years

Teenagers 13-17 years

Most teenagers work with Hester fortnightly for around 6 to 8 sessions which allows time for different topics and issues to be discussed and explored. It also allows time for newly learnt behavioural patterns to start to be utilised and integrated.


                                                                                                Sessions last 50 minutes

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One off sessions are also available for teenagers who feel they would benefit from learning empowering revision and examination techniques and strategies.


The session includes establishing an individual's learning style and (in light of that) discussing the most appropriate and beneficial revision techniques for them. Hester also discusses how best to organise oneself and plan revision and study periods.


In addition, examination strategies are taught that specifically focus on reducing anxiety  and enabling individuals to be in a calm and centred state both during the lead up to the exam and during the exam itself.

Revision and Exam Techniques

Please note that Hester is currently full for new child clients

and, as this has been the case for a while, does not keep a waiting list

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