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Empowering Day Retreats

For Women


Hester runs workshops for Women from her home in Litttlewick Green in the beautiful Berkshire countryside. These days cover crucial topics that impact our lives; each workshop is about becoming more empowered, assisting you in taking time to reflect on where you are now, where you wish to get to and what you need to do to put things in place to make your life more positive and fulfilling. These small group (maximum 8 people) workshops begin with a light breakfast, have both morning and afternoon workshops  (with a delicious buffet lunch in between) and a fabulous goal setting session to end.

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De-stress Your Life

Explore Your Purpose

Assertiveness and Positivity

The cost of each day, including a light breakfast, buffet lunch, all refreshments,

a full colour workbook and binder is £90.

Please note that all places must be pre-booked by emailing bookings@effectivesteps.com


Many of us can get into the habit of living with constant stress and/or anxiety and often choose to ignore both unless they manifest themselves physically, rendering us incapable of doing the things we need to do. Recognising when we are in this pattern is crucially important if we wish to live a life of optimal health and enjoyment. Women, in particular, can find it hard to prioritise their needs over the needs of others, resulting in very little time being left over for nurturing and caring for themselves.


                     9:30am - 2:30pm on Wednesday 13th November 2019



9:30am - 2:30pm on Wednesday 20th November 2019


9:30am - 2:30pm on Wednesday 6th November 2019





In order to ensure we can create the life we wish to have it is important to be able to deal with difficult situations (and difficult people) effectively. This requires us to be able to take responsibility for our part in any situation (good or bad) and communicate effectively with the people around us. It also requires us to face any fear we are holding around potential conflict.

Women are forever changing their lives to fit in with the needs of others; when we become mothers we tend to prioritise our children’s needs over our own. Looking after children can be a wonderful, and incredibly fulfilling, experience but it can also leave us with a sense of having lost a part of ourselves. If we are a full time mother, we can feel we have lost the part of ourselves that had a purpose out in the world. If we are juggling motherhood and work we can feel we are torn between our two roles. It can be incredibly empowering to look at what is working and what isn't, and take the time to think about how we want our future to be.  

  • Understand the difference between stress and anxiety

  • Identify your unique triggers for both

  • Learn the best ways to manage your state

  • Learn the art of good time management (and reducing demands on yourself)

  • Recognise what matters to you and learn how to let go of the things that don't                              

  • Ensure your energy is focused on the right things (and the right people) for you



  • Identify the relationships that are currently challenging for you

  • Learn strategies and techniques to deal with these proactively and constructively

  • See how assertiveness banishes resentment and frees us up for a more positive life

  • Learn how to be at ease in any social or professional situation

  • Recognise the joy and energy that comes living a positive life

  • Identify your unique skills and abilities

  • Recognise what makes you feel truly fulfilled and happy

  • Explore your own specific type of intelligence and personality

  • Recognise potential obstacles and explore how to deal with them

  • Explore new and exciting possibilities for the future


Even when we are, for whatever reason, unable to move to the next step right now, exploring our ‘purpose’ is can be both enlightening and exciting. Whilst we must recognise that everything has a cost (in terms of time, money or relationships) this day looks at (and helps you identify) your passions and the way you would truly like to 'spend' your time.


This day is incredibly helpful for anyone reviewing their life and who wishes for it to be more purposeful and meaningful to them.

We also explore how you, personally, can find 'flow'; the state in which a person is fully immersed in energized and enjoyable focus. 'Flow' has long been recognised as having wonderful benefits to both our mental and physical health.


This day is incredibly helpful for anyone who feels they are constantly running on adrenalin and who wish to have a calmer, happier, more carefree existence.


In addition, this day covers how to have great body language, how to shine your light on others and how to 'invest' in the people we care about.


This day in incredibly helpful for anyone who constantly feels their needs are not heard (and thus not recognised or met) by those around them and wish to have more fulfilling and positive relationships.

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